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LAST UPDATED 07/21/2019


Selling spotted, paints, solid reds to traditionals.

Have sold goats to Colorado, Alaska, Ohio, Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming, Arizona, just to name a few & of course California.









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  We love and enjoy being around our goats, started raising them in 2000. We sell show quality FB boer to commercial stock, paints, solids to spotted/dapple FB boer.

Located in Northern California, in Corning, near Rolling Hills Casino~!


We take great pride in our boer goats...


Thank you so much to our past and present goat buyers.

All of you are greatly appreciated, hope all is well



All goats on this page below, are not for sale.

Quality is our Goal





Quality is our Standard, these are pics of kids we have sold, to kids we have here, grown.


#2 FB Buckling 2019

Dam: Queen-Sire: Sixguns



#40 FB Buckling  dapple 2019

Dam: Breanna-Sire: Sixguns




Dam: Tabitha-Sire: Electro 2019





Past FB Doe Hanna


 Pebbles -Sire: Electro 2019



Hanna- Sire: Sixguns 2019



Breanna-Sire: Sixguns 2019



Queen-Sire: Sixguns 2019




Queen: Sire: Sixguns 2019




Tabitha-Sire: Electro 2019



Sire: Gold Rush -Dam: Abagail 2018






Out of Sire: Electro- Dam: Pebbles 2018




Out of Rocky and Tabitha 2018




  Out of Sire: Electro- Dam: Jasmine 2018





Buck kid Out of Marie Anne and Eletro 2018



Sire: Rocky- Dam: Queen 2018




Sire: Rocky- Dam: Windy 2018




Doeling out of  Jasmine and  Royal-T 2017




Doe out of faith blessing and Royal-T 2017




Buck out of faith blessing and Royal-T 2017




Buck out of Chewbacca and Queen 2017



Buck out of Chewbacca and Queen 2016




2016 kids




Buck kid of of Sabrina 2014






Faith Doeling 2015




Queen/ Crossfire buckling 2015




Princess lea



Some of our 2015 kids

Stormy Doeling





Abagail Doeling




Other kid pics





Buckling out of "Fay" 2013

kidexceptionalhdhf.jpg kidnicee33.jpg



Doeling out of "Lisa Marie" 2013

gingqhhhfr.jpg gingershhhfs.jpg tn_gingersfsf.jpg



Buckling out of "Arianna" 2013





Out of Fay

kidyodapiantbu.jpg kidyodaoyyo.jpg kidyodattrurii.jpg kidyodajjjjj.jpg



Buckling out of "Faith"2012





Doeling out of Lisa Marie 2014


Other kids

 kidnice.jpg /kidgjgj.jpg kiddjj.jpg kid83fggh.jpg

      kiddoeling21.jpg kidhdhdd.jpg 11.jpg



kidshockh.jpg kidruree.jpg  kidurrrr.jpg cheyoung.jpg doebutthome.jpg

kidindg.jpg 147jgjr.jpg kidyodas.jpg 32h.jpg 23froo.jpg kid7dii.jpg

 kidhdee.jpg kidh.jpg 63hhh.jpg 63gfsw.jpg




 lilyf.jpg bugs1.gif3.jpg





Telephone-1.gif530-567-7034 lv msg we may be out with the goats. Telephone-1.gif



Checked daily, if internet Permits been having issues here and there. If no response within a couple of days, give us a call

We do not ignore emails, all are important to us.

California boer Goat breeders, boer goats for sale. Spotted, paints, solid reds and traditionals



We do not have project wethers to sell for 4h, as we do not dehorn, sorry. :(

Please do not use any pictures without permission.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.



I have the right to refuse service to anyone.

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California boer goat breeders, boer goats for sale