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LAST UPDATED 05/07/2017





of doelings 2017

Check back for 2018 kids



#83 doeling

Out of Faiths Blessing and Royal-T

1x1 clean teat structure, bite, pigment coming in

Birth date 2/5/17

Ready to go May 6th 2017

8 pics below..

Thank you





#80 Doeling

Out of AnnaBelle and Chewbacca

1x1 clean teat structure, bite & pigment.

Birth date 2/4/17

Ready to go May 5th 2017

5 pics below...

Thank you






#95 Doeling

Out of Windy and Chewbacca

2x2 clean teat structure, bite & pigment.

Birth date 1/29/17

Ready to go April 29th 2017

4 pics below...


Thank you




Thank you to all our 2016/2017 buyers~!



I will send payment invoice, upon request, so please have your email address and Full name handy for me to send one.

We now accept PayPal & Credit cards,

for deposits, but cash only, when picking up goats,

 if a remainder balance is owed.

Please read this link below~!

If you want to place a deposit on a goat, please read thoroughly.

 "Questions and Pricing" page for details.


We may take partial to full trades depending on what you may have, some interests are:

hay, quad, Almond firewood, calf hutches or ??

Don't be afraid to ask, all we can do is say no and we don't bite.

Some prices are negotiable, some are not.




Using PayPal

Please email first, some goat(s) may already be spoken for.

I will send payment invoice, upon request. so please have your email address handy,

"Handling fee's" of 3.5 % will be applied,

in addition to the goat(s) purchase price..

 I will specify "Handling" amount as some will vary,
depending on purchase amounts.
Any payment invoices sent, the handling fee will be displayed as
"Shipping and Handling" even if there are no shipping fees.

Sending Postal Service money orders are a slower method.

I recommend overnight express if buyer sends a money order

through the mail, to ensure it arrives sooner.

Be aware, deposits are non-refundable, unless otherwise stated. please read


"Handling fee" is variable, depending on deposit made.


     Telephone-1.gif 530-567-7034 Telephone-1.gif

 lv msg we may be out with the goats.  


 Checked daily, if provider Permits, been having issues here and there.


We do not ignore emails, all are important to us.


              We do not have project wethers to sell for 4h, as we do not dehorn, sorry. :(  

Please do not use any pictures without permission.   

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.    


I have the right to refuse service to anyone.

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