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LAST UPDATED 10/11/2022  


Fun working Dogs pics






Meet "Doc", Goat Protector..

 There's a new Sheriff in town....

Don't mess with my goat friends.



This is hard work, but I'm OK.




Thank you Doc, for protecting me....


How about a kiss and a hug....

Oh boy...I am losing my balance...




Protecting my goats is rewarding.




 Past beautiful working Dogs below..



  Bandit's Corner



 We will miss you, our old friend,

many dedicated years of help, loyalty & love.

Here are some specail moments of him.


Here he is working and alert.

bandittru.jpg bandi.jpg




 This guy wouldn't move, it was a stand off with me, he wouldn't move,  so...

I told Bandit to.. "Get ahold" to move him and the goat moved.





       You know I will move you if instructed, so don't get any idea's there sport. So for now I will focus.






OK mom, Can I, Can I ~!

And the dude in the front is saying " No, No ~!






 I will Blend..

Well, I don't think so buddy, where are your horns or are you a newly developed polled or mixed breed with fangs?




             bangss.jpg banditwatc.jpg

Aww, kisses for a job well done






 Bob's Corner



We will miss you, our dedicated, loyal & loving friend.

You protected your goats and the newly born.

Was right there beside Mom as she kidded & then some.

You were very special to us and couldn't of asked for a better LGD.

You will be greatly missed.

 Here are some on the good times with his goats & cherished memories.




Goat Protector

 bobttee.jpg bobe7745w.jpg


 bobkiz.jpg                              bobcli.jpg

                          Your the best Bob             Look a hill, hey wait a minute it's moving~!




                        kidgsg.jpg                                kidqueenonbobruur.jpg

This is my hill kid. Well, you are getting to big for it now, LOL    I have a new claim to this hill




                             kidpounbob.jpg                kidbobtut.jpg

   A run by pouncing, poor Bob, Ouch~!   Here is you kiss, now go off and play and not on me.




      bbob_gg.jpg         babysittbob.jpg

 Flying drop Kick!!!                and.....                 the belly flop



bob77575.jpg   boberr.jpg    

And no one messed with my goats..


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