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LAST UPDATED 11/02/2020 

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bugsgirldp.gifI'm Proud to Present

"Our FB Does"


They have Style, excellent bloodlines, length and have meat on their bones~!

  If you see bulging bellies in some photo's, no, it isn't bloat, LOL.  It is just baby bumps showing, when that pic was taken.


Tabitha Pedigree.pdf







Breanna Pedigree.pdf


      Breanna Baby pictures below...








Pebbles Pedigree.pdf


     Pebbles Pictured at 2 weeks old below. 






Serena Pedigree.pdf


Serena Baby pictures below..







Pocahontas Pedigree.pdf



Yearling below...

6 months old below...


Pictured at 2 weeks & a few days after birth below...





Tiger Lily Pedigree.pdf 



Tiger lily Baby pics





Queen Amidala Pedigree.pdf 






Belle Star

Belle Star Pedigree.pdf

Dam Serana: Sire: Sixguns



    Younger pics


Belle star baby pics




Tessa Pedigree.pdf

Dam Tabitha: Sire: Electro

Younger pics

Tessa baby pics




Bela Pedigree.pdf

Dam: Pebbles -Sire: Electro




Our newest Girls below 2020......




#18 FB Dapple

Out of Pocahontas &  SQTCH Blazin Ground Control

Birthdate Feb 20, 2020

Daffodil pedigree.pdf

8 months old below....



3 months old below


Week old below...







Heart of Dixie

#34 FB

Out of Tiger lily & SQTCH Blazin Ground Control

Birthdate 2-19-2020

Heart of Dixie Pedigree.pdf

8 months old below....





week old below...





#30 FB Traditional Doeling

Out of Queen &  SQTCH Blazin Ground Control

Birthdate Feb 14, 2020

Venus Pedigree.pdf

8 months old below....


1 month old and younger pics below...







Cinnamin Twist

#35 FB Dapple

Out of Tiger lily & SQTCH Blazin Ground Control

Birthdate 2-19-2020

Cinnamon Twist Pedigree.pdf

8 months old below....


week old below...






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