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           Waiting List, other Questions,

& how & when we price.


         Please refresh page often, for any current updates in your Browser.


Using Zelle

Please, touch base with us first and send email, some goat(s) may already be spoken for.


Recipients must have a Zelle account to send or receive money.

Zelle sends a text or email and a link to accept payment.


Terms and Conditions

                         This deposit is non refundable and is intended for serious buyers only.

                  Only if, a goat dies or is severely injured, which every situation is different, so each case will be evaluated by both parties before any decisions are made permanently, will deposit be returned or an option to choose a replacement goat, will be considered.

Said goat or goats must be picked up by agreed upon date, buyer can request new pickup date within reason and must be approved by me, to change the pickup date, it must be before original pickup date expires, not one day late or all deposit is forfeited, no exceptions and said goat(s) will be available for sale again..

All weanlings ect, when ready to go, must be picked up within 2 weeks after weaning date or any date both buyer and seller has agreed upon, within reason.

Mature Does/Bucks/young kids, can only be held for 2 weeks maximum, unless otherwise agreed upon. If a Doe has kids on her side and cannot be weaned in that time frame, a later date will be made.

By making this deposit, buyer verifies he or she has read all terms and conditions of this agreement and agrees to the terms stated.

 Please note:  Sending Postal Service money orders is an option, but a slower method.  I recommend overnight express for any buyer who sends a money order through the mail, to ensure it arrives quicker.

Pay 1/2 down deposits or Pay in full,  transactions.

We accept, Zelle

We accept Cash only, or using Zelle to pay all balance owed prior to pickup date.

If a buyer wants to put a down payment on a goat(s), and doesn't have Zelle for payment, we will accept a "United States Postal Service Money Orders or a bank cashiers check only"~!  Any money orders from Walmart or other merchants, will not be accepted, we had a bad ordeal over it.  No personal checks or other forms of payment will be accepted.

When you come for pickup, please bring cash or pay in full prior, through Zelle only~!


Additional charges including kennels, health certificates, state required testing, shipping costs, etc., are the responsibility of the buyer. Health certificates can be paid directly to our vets office, through your personal credit card..  Will give that info when the time arrives.




I want  to be placed on the waiting list?

Waiting List for serious inquires only!


Being placed on the waiting list is free,

I will evaluate kids at 1 month old, I will contact potential buyers through email at that time.

 I ask buyers to please respond back, within a week of my email, so I know if you are interested or not, I like to know one way or the other.

If you change your mind, about being on the waiting list, because you have already bought a goat from elsewhere ect,  I understand, but please, at least if you do, let me know as soon as possible, So I can give the next buyer on the list a step up a level in place.

Do know, not all prices are firm, so we may be able to negotiate.

It is a lot of work for me, having to email all the waiting list buyers, so I recommend, serious buyers to be placed onto the waiting list only.


Please email preference: such as: doelings, bucklings ect, paint, solids, traditional, spots or, no preference, show or breeding stock. Registered to commercial.

 Be aware, we don't get a lot of commercial stock, so it is limited when we have them.  

State price range, be aware of the pricing below, especially if you are seeking show quality.  If the goat is priced higher than your price range, when they are 1 month old, sometimes I do work with buyers and sometimes I do not. Doesn't hurt to try to negotiate on some prices, but let me tell you, it all depends.





   Registered Prices can go up to $2500 or more, depending on quality.

 Unregistered Prices vary, with the market and/or quality.

If any buyer comes out to visit and wants to purchase additional goat(s)

 & said goat(s) are open for sale, they can do so.

 Prices can change without prior notice, at anytime, unless both parties have agreed apon a set price.  




  When do we price a goat and why?


A newborn cannot be priced, a kid can drastically change, as they get a little older.

At 1 month of age, minimum,  I will evaluate and price each kid, then will accept deposits.

I will not price kids under, 1 month of age or collect deposits, until 1 month old period. 

When kids are 1 month, I will know quality potential. 

  If they are priced before then, it may unfair to some buyers.

Some Prices are negotiable, some are not, it doesn't hurt to ask.          

  We may take trades or partial trades, depending on what you may have,

ask away, we do not bite, but beware, we may say, yes or no.

Prices are subject to change at anytime, as they grow or change, without prior notice.

Only if deposit is received, that is when a goat(s) price is in stone.





How long will you hold a goat?


2 weeks maximum, however, can depend on the situation and if I feel a couple more days won't hurt.

Or if being shipped out of State, we will work it out for additional time needed for transporting.

Extra fee's may apply, if being held for a long time frame waiting on shipper.

But you must verify you have transport lined up and give me shippers contact info.




When can I put a deposit to hold a goat and how much ?


At 1 month old,  buyers may place a deposit of 1/2 down required for each goat.   

 Buyer can pay more if desired.  Keep in mind,  Deposits are non refundable.  




Why do we ask for non-refundable deposits?


We had to change the way we do deposits.

Some buyers wanted us to hold goats for months,

before they finally picked up the goat(s) or say they don't have the rest of the money at pickup, or just plain ignore contact.

Wasting time for other buyers and us.

I care about my goats and want them to receive good homes as soon as possible.

We only want serious buyers.

Buyers shouldn't have to wait longer for a goat to be open for sale again.   




Under the Non refundable contract/Deposit Rules :


Please Note:

Only if a goat dies or becomes severely injured, which every situation is different,

each case, if it arises, will be evaluated by both parties, before any final decisions are made permanently,

 will deposit be returned or an option to choose a replacement goat, will be considered.

Please be aware Deposit is non refundable,

 Unless otherwise explained above or is in writing by breeder Pam Toth of :

Toth Boer Goats.


Please read the contract carefully.

I am not trying to rip anyone off, it is the matter of serious buyers and good homes for my babies.




Agreeing to send deposit


When Buyer and I verbally or through email, agree, deposit is being sent,

buyer has 1 week from that time, to get it to me. I will hold a goat for you, that long only,

After that time, if goat(s) deposit is not received, goat(s) will be open for sale again. 

 I highly recommend sending the deposit through Zelle or overnight express, but, if you can't,

 be sure it will get here, within one week or I will not hold the goat(s) any longer.

 If sending overnight express, I will need a tracking number,

so I can watch for it, send the number through email or text to me. Let me know if I have to sign for it or not.


      Telephone-1.gif530-567-7034   Telephone-1.gif

lv msg, we may be out with the goats.



Checked daily, if internet Permits been having issues here and there.

We do not ignore emails, all are important to us


We do not have Project wethers for 4h as we do not dehorn, sorry.


Please do not use any pictures without permission.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

I have the right to refuse service to anyone.


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